Guided Bike and Segway Tours: Get Ready to Roll

Guided Bike and Segway Tours: Get Ready to Roll Guided Bike and Segway Tours: Get Ready to Roll

Explore Scottsdale and Discover the City from a Different Angle

Scottsdale, Arizona, isn’t just a destination for traditional sightseeing; it’s a city that invites you to explore in style. Guided tours on bikes and Segways offer a fresh perspective on the city, allowing you to delve deeper into the heart of Scottsdale and its surrounding areas. 

In this article, we introduce you to these thrilling guided tours, describe the unique vantage points they offer, mention the areas they cover, from the historic Old Town to beyond, and highlight the captivating historical and cultural aspects that come to life during these excursions.

Scottsdale Bike and Segway Tours
Scottsdale Bike and Segway Tours

Introduction to Guided Tours on Bikes and Segways

The adventure begins when you hop on a bike or Segway for a guided tour of Scottsdale. These tours are more than just a way to see the city; they’re an opportunity to become part of its dynamic fabric. Gliding through the streets, you’ll feel the pulse of Scottsdale’s history and culture.

Describing the Unique Perspective Offered

The unique perspective they provide makes bike and Segway tours stand out. From the open-air vantage point of a bike or the effortless glide of a Segway, you’ll witness the city from a different angle. The sights, sounds, and even the scents of Scottsdale come alive, creating an immersive experience that traditional tours can’t quite match.

Pro Tip: If you are going to do this, it is recommended that you do it on your first day. This way, you get all the insider tips for where to eat and what to do the rest of your time in Scottsdale.

Scottsdale Segway Tours

2-Hour Segway Tour – Ultimate Old Town Scottsdale ExplorationVisit The Scottsdale Civic Center, Historic Old Town Scottsdale, America’s Original Art Walk, The Scottsdale Waterfront District & EVERYTHING Old Town Scottsdale has to offer 

Scottsdale Segway E-Bike Tours

After a tutorial on operating the Segways, you will roll throughout Old Town Scottsdale on an award-winning 1.5-hour tour. Your guide will share fun facts and local history as you ride. 

Once you return to home base with the Segways, you will have a snack and ride E-Bikes on the bike path to McCormick Ranch on a 1.5-hour tour. The entire duration of the tour is 3 hours.

Mentioning Areas Covered, Including Old Town and Beyond

These guided tours take you on a journey that encompasses the best of Scottsdale. You’ll explore the historic heart of the city in Old Town and venture beyond to discover hidden gems and scenic vistas. Some of the areas covered may include:

  • Old Town Scottsdale: Immerse yourself in the city’s heritage as you navigate the charming streets of Old Town, lined with art galleries, shops, and dining establishments.
  • Desert Landscapes: Traverse the captivating desert landscapes surrounding Scottsdale, experiencing the raw beauty of the Sonoran Desert.

Highlighting the Historical and Cultural Aspects Explored

As you glide or pedal through the city, your tour guide will be your storyteller, weaving tales of Scottsdale’s past and present. You’ll encounter historical sites, cultural landmarks, and architectural treasures that offer glimpses into the city’s rich heritage. From tales of cowboys and pioneers to insights into Native American cultures, these tours bring history to life.


Guided bike and Segway tours in Scottsdale are not just about transportation; they’re a journey of discovery and immersion. They provide a unique perspective on the city, encompassing Old Town and beyond, and bring Scottsdale’s historical and cultural aspects to the forefront.

So, are you ready to roll and explore Scottsdale in a whole new way? Hop on a bike or Segway, and let the adventure begin!

Have you experienced a guided bike or Segway tour in Scottsdale? Share your favorite discoveries and memorable moments in the comments below!

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