The Scott Resort and Spa

The Scott Resort and Spa

The Scott Resort and Spa Upscale Scottsdale Resort: Your Oasis of Luxury and Comfort


In the vibrant heart of Scottsdale, Arizona, The Scott Resort & Spa offers a luxurious escape with a mix of modern amenities and a touch of the exotic. Providing a setting that blends tropical charm and the uniqueness of the Arizona desert, the resort invites guests to a unique stay experience. With its proximity to premium shopping and dining options, the resort has become a go-to destination for travelers seeking both relaxation and adventure.

Featuring thoughtfully designed accommodations, The Scott Resort & Spa caters to the comfort and needs of all its guests. The resort’s La Vidorra Spa is a haven for wellness, offering an array of treatments designed to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. Guests can indulge in a gastronomic journey at the on-site restaurants and enjoy a vibrant entertainment lineup that reflects the local culture and infuses it with a global flair.

Key Takeaways

  • The Scott Resort & Spa combines luxury with unique regional character.
  • Guests are treated to an array of amenities including a spa and gourmet dining.
  • Located in Scottsdale, it provides easy access to local attractions and shopping.


The Scott Resort & Spa in Scottsdale offers a variety of accommodations that cater to the comfort and tastes of their guests, including well-appointed rooms and suites complete with thoughtful amenities.

Guest Rooms

The Scott Resort features a selection of guest rooms that blend comfort with elegance. Options range from the Classic King and Double rooms to the more spacious Signature King rooms, each designed to provide a serene retreat after a day exploring Scottsdale. Every room includes luxury bedding, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, and artisan bath products.


For those seeking extra space and luxury, the Scott’s suites offer an elevated experience. The one-bedroom suites provide a separate living area, perfect for entertaining or relaxing, while the Presidential Suite is the pinnacle of luxury with expansive views, exquisite decor, and premium amenities.


Guests at The Scott Resort can expect a variety of amenities designed to enhance their stay. Each room and suite includes:

  • Comfortable beds with premium linens
  • Flat-screen TVs with satellite channels
  • Wi-Fi access for staying connected
  • Bathrobes and slippers for lounging
  • A minibar stocked with refreshments

In addition to in-room conveniences, guests have access to the resort’s facilities, including the La Vidorra Spa, Caribbean-inspired dining experiences, and versatile event spaces.

La Vidorra Spa & Wellness

At The Scott Resort & Spa, guests find an oasis of relaxation at the renowned La Vidorra Spa. With its Caribbean-inspired ambiance, the spa promises a luxurious experience where comfort meets elegance.

Services Offered:

  • Facials: Customized treatments to rejuvenate the skin.
  • Massages: From deep tissue to hot stone, catering to individual needs.
  • Body Treatments: Exfoliation and wraps for complete body care.
  • Wellness Rituals: Unique spa experiences for holistic well-being.

Guests can choose from six private treatment rooms, ensuring personal attention and a serene environment. The spa’s commitment to serenity and tranquility is evident in its attentive service and tranquil atmosphere.

Amenities Include:

  • Private Rooms: A peaceful setting for all treatments.
  • Spa Boutique: Curated selection of wellness products.
  • Relaxation Lounge: A cozy area to unwind pre or post-treatment.

The La Vidorra Spa offers not only individual services but also caters to couples, making it an ideal retreat for those looking to reconnect in a peaceful setting. Hours of operation generally range from morning to early evening, allowing guests ample time to indulge in their choice of services.

The spa’s reputation for excellence is well-documented, with visitors often noting the skilled staff and the quality of treatments. Whether for a special occasion or simply a day of pampering, La Vidorra Spa is a highlight of The Scott Resort & Spa, offering a memorable experience for all who visit.

Dining and Entertainment

The Scott Resort & Spa offers guests an exquisite dining experience coupled with vibrant entertainment options. Revel in the flavors of the Caribbean-inspired menus and embrace the lively energy of live performances during your stay.

Signature Restaurants

At the heart of The Scott Resort’s culinary experience is their signature restaurant, where Caribbean influences merge with local ingredients. Guests can indulge in expertly crafted dishes in a setting that is both sophisticated and relaxed.

Bars and Lounges

The resort’s bars and lounges provide an elegant backdrop for socializing and unwinding. Sip on artisan cocktails crafted by experienced mixologists, or choose from a wide selection of wines and spirits in an atmosphere that speaks of subdued luxury.

Live Entertainment

  • Thursday to Sunday: Enjoy an upbeat ambiance as The Scott Resort & Spa showcases live entertainment, ranging from local bands to solo musicians that set the tone for a memorable evening.
  • Special Events: The resort organically integrates entertainment, enhancing various events with performances that are sure to uplift the spirit of every guest.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you will find detailed answers to some of the most common inquiries regarding the amenities, experiences, and accommodations at The Scott Resort and Spa.

What amenities can guests enjoy at The Scott Resort and Spa?

Guests at The Scott Resort and Spa can take advantage of a variety of amenities, including a fitness center, beautifully landscaped grounds for relaxation, and Caribbean-inspired dining options.

Has The Scott Resort and Spa been renovated recently, and what improvements were made?

The resort underwent a stylish renovation inspired by chic Havana aesthetics in 2018, enhancing the boutique Scott Resort experience with a modern yet timeless design.

What unique experiences does La Vidorra Spa at The Scott Resort offer?

At La Vidorra Spa, visitors can indulge in luxurious treatments that provide serene relaxation and rejuvenation, influenced by the Caribbean.

What dining options are available on-site at The Scott Resort and Spa?

The Scott Resort boasts on-site Caribbean-inspired dining options that cater to a variety of tastes and preferences, ensuring a memorable culinary experience for every guest.

Can you describe the types of rooms and suites available at The Scott Resort and Spa?

The resort offers an array of rooms and suites designed to deliver comfort and elegance, featuring modern amenities and décor that complement the resort’s overall Havana-inspired theme.

What are some popular attractions near The Scott Resort and Spa for visitors to explore?

Located in the heart of Scottsdale, The Scott Resort is within walking distance of Scottsdale Fashion Square and the Scottsdale Waterfront, offering guests convenient access to top local attractions.

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