Royal Palms Resort and Spa

Royal Palms Resort and Spa

Royal Palms Resort and Spa: Experience Unmatched Elegance in Scottsdale Hospitality

Nestled in the shadow of Camelback Mountain, Royal Palms Resort and Spa stands as a pinnacle of luxury in Scottsdale, Arizona. With its breathtaking Spanish Mediterranean architecture and lush, manicured grounds, the resort offers guests a tranquil oasis that promises exclusivity and privacy. This historic hotel, originally built as a private residence in 1929, has been transformed into a luxurious retreat, balancing the charm and romance of its storied past with the amenities and comforts expected by today’s discerning traveler.

The resort’s rich history is complemented by its dedication to providing guests with exceptional accommodations. Each of the 119


Royal Palms Resort and Spa offers a blend of modern luxury and historical charm in its accommodations, presenting guests with a sanctuary amidst the beauty of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Suites Overview

Royal Palms Resort and Spa boasts a selection of suites, each with its own unique character and charm. Guests can choose from artfully appointed casitas, spacious estate rooms, and extravagant villas. They are set against the backdrop of sweeping Arizona desert landscapes, offering breathtaking views.

Room Amenities & Services

Amenities in each room include European furniture, luxurious linens, and balconies or patios with inspiring views, either of the Arizona mountains or the lush courtyard gardens. The resort ensures a comfortable stay with attentive services like award-winning catering and a commitment to meticulous housekeeping. Guests will find each room equipped with modern conveniences, seamlessly integrated to enhance their stay without detracting from the historic ambiance of the property.

Resort Amenities & Activities

Royal Palms Resort and Spa offers an array of exceptional amenities and activities designed to provide guests with both relaxation and entertainment during their stay.

Spa Services

The Alvadora Spa at Royal Palms offers a variety of spa treatments set against the tranquil backdrop of the Arizona desert. Guests can indulge in personalized services such as massages, facials, and body treatments that incorporate local ingredients for a unique and rejuvenating experience.

Dining Options

  1. Cook’s restaurant presents guests with an elegant and tasteful dining environment. With dishes crafted from the highest quality local and seasonal ingredients, the culinary experience at T. Cook’s is both flavorful and visually impressive, complementing the resort’s overall luxurious atmosphere.

Recreational Facilities

Guests at Royal Palms can enjoy a range of recreational facilities, including a picturesque outdoor pool with Camelback Mountain views and relaxing cabanas. The resort also features well-manicured gardens and a fitness center, ensuring a variety of activities to suit every guest’s preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Royal Palms Resort and Spa offers an array of services and experiences designed to provide a relaxing and luxurious stay. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions to help you plan your visit.

What amenities and services can guests expect to enjoy at the Royal Palms Resort and Spa?

Royal Palms Resort and Spa guests can look forward to top-tier amenities, including a swimming pool, fitness center, and the GreenLeaders Bronze-level sustainability practices. The resort’s services are highly regarded, with an emphasis on cleanliness, location, and attentive customer service, ensuring a stay that’s both comfortable and environmentally conscious.

Can you describe the dining options available at the Royal Palms Resort in Scottsdale?

The resort boasts world-class dining options that cater to all palates, featuring rejuvenating spa services and sweeping desert landscapes as their backdrop. The cuisine ranges from casual fare to sophisticated dining experiences, promising culinary delights that are as enchanting as the views.

What spa services are offered at the Alvadora Spa located within Royal Palms Resort?

At the Alvadora Spa, guests can indulge in a variety of spa services designed to rejuvenate the body and spirit. The spa specializes in treatments that incorporate the Arizona desert’s natural beauty and therapeutic elements for a truly unique and restful experience.

How does the Royal Palms Resort and Spa compare to nearby luxury resorts like Andaz and JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge?

The Royal Palms Resort and Spa is celebrated for its intimate and exclusive atmosphere, set apart by its historic charm and personalized service. In comparison, Andaz and JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge offer their own unique experiences but may cater to those looking for larger, more expansive resort facilities.

What types of rooms and suites are available at the Royal Palms Resort for travelers looking for luxurious accommodations?

Travelers can choose from a variety of rooms and suites at the Royal Palms Resort, ranging from spacious, plush rooms to private villas and casitas. Each accommodation is designed with comfort and elegance in mind, providing a residential-like feel that enhances privacy and relaxation.

Are there any special packages or experiences available for guests booking a stay at the Royal Palms Resort and Spa?

Yes, guests planning to stay at the resort can take advantage of special packages and seasonal offers that provide added value and unique experiences. From romantic retreats to cultural outings, there is a variety of curated experiences to ensure a memorable stay.

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